What is Astroneer?

If you had asked me to describe Astroneer, you’d probably be disappointed and generally uninterested in it. That’s because at it’s core it is an early access, space exploration, crafting and survival game. I’d completely understand if that sentence turned you off, but I promise you, Astroneer is different.


Playing it Wrong

According to Steam, I’ve put about 55 hours into Cities: Skylines. While that may not seem like that much in the grand scheme of things, it’s way more than I have any right to have clocked. Because even after 55 hours of playing this fantastic city builder that Colossal Order has made, not one second of that time…

Mafia 3 Confuses Me

Do you remember back in 2010 when Mafia 2 was released? It was met with a ton of praise in regards to its story, world building, and characterization. The biggest complaints volleyed against it however, were in it’s mechanics and empty world. Six years later, Mafia 3 treads the exact same path. At its best, Mafia…